Call (325) 265-4414 About Lifestyle & Personalities Vet Guarantee Prospective Puppy Buyer Deposit Policy F.A.Q.
Call (325) 265-4414 About Lifestyle & Personalities Vet Guarantee Prospective Puppy Buyer Deposit Policy F.A.Q.

Vet Guarantee

The health of your puppy is the most important thing to consider prior to any purchase, which is why our Bichon, Cavachon, Cavalier and Westie puppies come with a vet guarantee. All our puppies and adult dogs receive consistent health care including shots and worm prevention:

  • Neopar (parvo) Shot at 4 weeks old
  • Puppy Shots (Adenovirus Type 2, Canine Distemper and Coronavirus) at 6 & 8 weeks old
  • Pancur Wormer at 4 weeks old
  • Strongid the last 4 weeks

We will provide your next Bichon, Cavachon, Cavalier and Westie puppy's complete health paperwork including next expected shot dates. We go to great lengths to protect our puppies from harmful diseases brought in by visitors, which is why our vet does not allow anyone in the kennel area.

"Like all good breeders should, the Martins sell their puppies under a neutering agreement. In my opinion, puppies should be neutered at 4 months. Neutering helps prevent unpleasant habits like marking their territory, running away to find a mate. Spaying and neutering also controls unwanted animals. As a veterinarian, I highly recommend the Martins as qualified, respectful, conscience and professional breeders." ~ Dr. Richard Cordes (Menard Animal Clinic)

For over thirty years, we have known and used our vet, Dr. Richard Cordes of Menard Animal Clinic. His reputation exceeds him, especially when a loving family with a young son had purchased a puppy from us years ago. Within a week, the puppy gave signs of an infection and "other" vets recommended the puppy be euthanized, which was NOT an option. The family's young son had bonded in a short time with the puppy prior to its infection. The family decided to bring the puppy to us then we brought the puppy to Dr. Richard Cordes for observation. After three weeks the puppy was healthy! Come to find out the family had a pond in their back yard with standing water that caused the puppy to become infected with lepto. The puppy was able to return to the family so the young boy could be reunited with his best friend.

Dr. Richard Cordes has always gone above and beyond often thinking outside the box. This is why we have always considered him a trusted friend and veterinarian. ~ Peggy & Sammy Martin

If for any reason your veterinarian does not think your puppy is in good health, simply return the puppy with the statement including your paperwork for a full refund.

We raise healthy, happy and highly socialized Bichon, Cavachon and Westie puppies.

"Peggy Martin is a loving caretaker of all her dogs. My family will forever be indebted to her for allowing us to adopt." ~ Cassandra

We are a Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR #140) Licensed Breeder. We comply with the Sight-Unseen law that makes it illegal for breeders to have a non-refundable deposit.