Call (325) 265-4414 About Lifestyle & Personalities Vet Guarantee Prospective Puppy Buyer Deposit Policy F.A.Q.
Call (325) 265-4414 About Lifestyle & Personalities Vet Guarantee Prospective Puppy Buyer Deposit Policy F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you live?

We ranch 15 minutes outside of Mason, Texas. We are approximately 2 hours from Austin, San Antonio, San Angelo: about 5 to 6 hours from Houston : 4 hours from Fort Wort /Dallas area. You are welcome to come to the ranch. However, please be advised, that our vet, Dr. Cordes, does not allow anyone in our kennel area. The puppies will be brought out of the kennel for your viewing. We realize that people are very busy and don’t always have time to come all the way, so we will meet people 1/2 way. For people from Austin and San Antonio that is Fredericksburg; San Angelo, Eden : Houston, Georgetown or San Antonio. We realize that sometimes people just can’t get out of town and we will be happy to try and work out something if we can. If we meet you, we will visit with you by phone to find out what your home is like, what kind of personality you like, etc. If available, we will bring 2 puppies for you to choose from.

Call us at (325) 265-4414 to schedule your visit!

Do you sell your puppies under a neutering agreement?

Yes: We feel very strongly that all pets should be neutered. A lot of people think that this is easy to do and a great way to make a little money. Believe me it is not easy; we have over 40 years of taking care of all types of animals and it is hard work. It is a real art to know what male to mate with what female, etc. Prenatal and postnatal care of mom and puppies can be a real challenge. Click here for more information on spaying and neutering your new puppy.

Do you ever make exceptions to your neutering agreement?

Yes, but it is few and far between. We sometimes have people tell us they are so sorry they neutered their little boy and wish they had some grand kids. If you do not neuter your little boy by the time he is 6 months old, he is going to be out looking for a little romance. When people call crying that their little boy got out from under the fence and is gone, I always ask “was he neutered” and the answer is always “no.” If you think you might want grand kids, let me know and I will tell you how we can solve this problem.

Do you ship your puppies?

No, not at this time. We have made arrangements in the past where customers could have the puppy ride with them in a flight, but we restrict them from being stored in cargo. Please call us at (325) 265-4414 to discuss possible options to better assist you.

What is your deposit policy?

We accept deposits on puppies after they are 4 weeks of age and have been Vet checked. At that time, we take $200 for the deposit, please date your check for when the puppies will be ready. We do not cash your deposit check until you pick up your puppy. Your deposit simply holds you a puppy until it is 8 weeks of age. At that time, we will meet you and if we BOTH decide the puppy is to be adopted, we collect the remaining amount of the purchase price. Read more about our Deposit Policy.

Are your puppies micro chipped?

All of our puppies are micro chipped at their first vet check. You will be given a brochure with the micro chip number allowing you to be entered into a national database in case your puppy is ever lost. This is a huge safety factor for more than one reason. The database tries to contact the owner of the dog first and if that is unsuccessful, the database contacts us. This helps to ensure none of our puppies are ever euthanized due to being lost.

Are your puppies registered?

No, our puppies do not have AKC registration. All of our dogs have papers.

What do I get when I purchase a puppy from you?

Our puppies come very happy, well socialized, and vet checked. We also supply you with toys that the puppies have been sleeping with (to make your first night a little easier), AKC Reunite microchip application, Shot records, Health records, Vet check records from our Vet, Food (Iams), and an information sheet.

  • Green Turf Pad/Mat (used in potty training)
  • One Fleece Toy

Puppies love to chew, so it is always good to have something they can chew on that is not “off limits”! We raise and train them with a reward system and feeding them plain vanilla yogurt (or puppy ice cream as the grand kids call it) can be used as a treat. They love it!

What do I need for my new puppy when I bring it home?

We recommend the following items for your new puppy:

  • Exercise Pen
  • Crate Medium
  • Fleece Bed (helps calm the puppy while adjusting to your home)
  • Iams Puppy Food (we highly recommend they stay on the same food)

What are the prices of your puppies?

Prices can be found on each puppy page, when available. Feel free to call us at (325) 265-4414 for more information and special pricing.

We raise healthy, happy and highly socialized Bichon, Cavachon and Westie puppies.

"Peggy Martin is a loving caretaker of all her dogs. My family will forever be indebted to her for allowing us to adopt." ~ Cassandra

We are a Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR #140) Licensed Breeder. We comply with the Sight-Unseen law that makes it illegal for breeders to have a non-refundable deposit.