Call (325) 265-4414 About Lifestyle & Personalities Vet Guarantee Prospective Puppy Buyer Deposit Policy F.A.Q.
Call (325) 265-4414 About Lifestyle & Personalities Vet Guarantee Prospective Puppy Buyer Deposit Policy F.A.Q.


The Martin Family has been ranching for over 50 years in the Texas Hill County. Our family was the first family to settle in the Mason County area and our traditions were handed down generation after generation. Ranching is the cornerstone of our family. We are known to locals as Peggy and Sammy. We have three children (two girls and one boy) who were born and raised in the Hill Country then went on to work in Finance, Special Education and Real Estate. Over the years, our grandkids participated at one time or another in the business when they spent time with Granny and Papa, mostly during the summers.

Most of the Bichons, Cavachons, Cavaliers and Westies we raise are well suited for the entire family although we believe that Bichons are great for the Grannies and Papas of the world! Sammy (Papa) prefers the West Highland Terrier where as Peggy (Granny) prefers the Bichons, Cavalier King Charles and Cavachons. This really is a Family Affair since we raise many different breeds of dogs, plus it’s what we enjoy and love.

Over the years, we have diversified our breeding. All adult dogs are raised in big pens (not cages) with access to food and water 24 hours a day. During the summer, all dogs stay cool with a constant misting system over the shade covered pens. Read more about puppy life, training and more on our Puppy Lifestyle, Potting Training and Personalities page. Inside the barn, all dogs have fans and water coolers to stay cool, too. We treat each and every one of our dogs like they are our children by providing them consistent medical care, food, shelter and of course love. No dogs are ever put down after their breeding is over, we care for them until their last natural day.

We strive to continue to ensure the safety and health of our puppies and adult dogs. Our vet, Dr. Richard Cordes, visits bi-monthly (twice per month) and performs vet checks on all of our puppies and adult dogs. By providing consistent medical care, we are able to raise puppies that are healthy, so when you bring them home they are happy and can give you that special puppy love.

We raise healthy, happy and highly socialized Bichon, Cavachon and Westie puppies.

"Peggy Martin is a loving caretaker of all her dogs. My family will forever be indebted to her for allowing us to adopt." ~ Cassandra

We are a Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR #140) Licensed Breeder. We comply with the Sight-Unseen law that makes it illegal for breeders to have a non-refundable deposit.