Call (325) 265-4414 About Lifestyle & Personalities Vet Guarantee Prospective Puppy Buyer Deposit Policy F.A.Q.
Call (325) 265-4414 About Lifestyle & Personalities Vet Guarantee Prospective Puppy Buyer Deposit Policy F.A.Q.

Texas Licensed and Honest Breeder of Bichons, Cavachons, Cavaliers and Westies

We are a licensed Texas breeder of Bichon, Cavachon, Cavalier and Westie puppies. We take pride in the methods we use as "puppy parents" from interacting with each puppy personally multiple times a day to working with their potty training and housebreaking to playing with toys and more. Puppies will have accidents, but we teach them a reward system that pays off in the long run for their future homes. Our foundation is built on hard work, care and love because we love and provide for each and every one of our puppies and adult dogs. Plus, we provide dedicated healthcare to all puppies and adult dogs that will come with health records included.

New puppy owners should read our Prospective Puppy Buyer page, which is a very well written letter from a customer because you're not alone in finding the right puppy from the right breeder. Don't forget to mosey on over to our Puppy Lifestyle, Potting Training and Personalities page for more detailed information about how we raise and provide for all our puppies.

Take a look at our puppy pages (see below) to learn more and see some spectacular pictures!

Bichons are extremely affectionate, very patient, love to play and have the best personalities, especially when it comes to children. Read more about our Bichon Puppies.

Thank you so much for blessing our lives with these sweet additions! They are indeed a treasure! ~ Suzanne

Cavachons make a great companion whose sweet dispositions will make you enjoy the love and care they provide. Read more about our Cavachon Puppies.

You did a wonderful job with our sweet Charley, he is happy, mild-mannered, affectionate and smart. Thank you sooo much. ~ Jody & Brian Boest

Cavalier puppies are extremely well natured, smart and adorable". They are definitely playful, healthy, and oh so cuddly. Read more about our Cavalier Puppies.

Lacy is such a sweetheart.... She is settling in and doing very well on her training. She has been playful and healthy, and oh so cuddly.~ Janet

Westies are full of energy and great to have around. They learn quick (potty training, too) and will keep guard often voicing their opinions. Read more about our Westie Puppies.

We saw a very nice Westie in Durango, Colorado and they told us that he came from a breeder in Mason, Texas. She is a serious watch dog and hunter and she spends hours guarding her yard from bunnies, ground squirrels and lizards.~ Don and Marilyn

We raise healthy, happy and highly socialized Bichon, Cavachon and Westie puppies.

"Peggy Martin is a loving caretaker of all her dogs. My family will forever be indebted to her for allowing us to adopt." ~ Cassandra

We are a Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR #140) Licensed Breeder. We comply with the Sight-Unseen law that makes it illegal for breeders to have a non-refundable deposit.